Native Gardens

By Karen Zacarias
Directed by Lee Osorio
Apr 12-28
Fri & Sat at 7:30pm
Sun at 2:30pm
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“A biting, perceptive, and ultimately hopeful sendup to our fraught relationships with those around us – even right next door.” – DC Theatre Scene


Inspired by real stories of neighbor disputes, Native Gardens introduces us to new homeowners Pablo and Tania and long-time residents Virginia and Frank in their historic neighborhood. Everyone is neighborly until a fence, a garden competition, and a company BBQ causes politics, classism, and racism to bloom. Unlike real neighbor disputes though, this fast-paced culture-clash comedy is both timely and satisfying.

Running time: 90 minutes
Intermission: 15 minutes

About the show

In the suburbs of Washington D.C., a high-powered lawyer named Pablo and his very pregnant, doctoral candidate wife named Tania, have just purchased their dream home. It’s a bit of a fixer-upper, but luckily Tania is a brilliant gardener and plans to transform their outdoor space into a beautiful native garden. Their new next-door neighbor, Frank, is a gardener himself and spends most of his time nurturing his non-native garden to win the annual gardening competition in the neighborhood. Frank and his wife Virginia have lived here for a long time and welcome Pablo and Tania with open arms. However, when Pablo invites his whole law firm over for a BBQ, Tania and Pablo set to work on building a fence and discover that their property line is 2 feet into Frank’s beloved garden. This creates friction between the neighbors and an all-out border dispute erupts.

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