Enhance your child’s summer with our theater camps!


Designed for young performers aged 6-11, our camps cater to all, from budding talents to the creatively quiet. Campers will delve into the world of musicals, learning songs, dances, and scenes, while also discovering the art of stagecraft. This enriching experience culminates in a dazzling end-of-week showcase for friends and family. Join us for a journey of creativity and self-expression where every child shines!

Join Mirabel and the extraordinary family Madrigal on an adventure you won’t forget! Step into the enchanted world of the Madrigal family, sing their heartwarming songs, and dance through an adventure you won’t forget!
Step into the fairytale world of Into the Woods. Explore the deep, dark woods alongside beloved characters like Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, and the Witch. Uncover the magic of storytelling through song, dance, and character portrayal as we weave these classic tales into a captivating showcase. 
Be our guest at this camp inspired by the tale as old as time. Join Belle, the Beast, and enchanted objects in a charming story about love and transformation.
Let it go in this week of Frozen-themed fun! Join Anna, Elsa, and Olaf as we journey through the snowy kingdom of Arendelle. Sing their iconic songs, dance in a winter wonderland, and create your own costumes to become part of the enchanting world of Frozen.
Oh the thinks you can think! This camp takes a musical romp through the whimsical world of Dr. Suess, complete with rhymes and rhythm guaranteed to put a smile on your face.
Broadway Basics:
July 1 to 3
Uncover the basics of Broadway! In this shortened holiday week camp, you’ll explore the world of musical theater, discover the thrill of performing on stage, and learn the secrets of storytelling through song and dance. Craft your very own Broadway-style costume and become the star of the show.
Splash into the world of Nemo, Dory, and Marlin! Swim through the coral reefs, sing sea shanties, and explore the deep blue sea. Learn about the ocean’s wonders and its vibrant characters. Craft your underwater costume and be ready to make a splash in the final showcase.
Enter Matilda’s world, a place where books have the power to change lives and everyone can be just a little bit naughty. Sing her songs, dance in the school’s hallways, and create costumes that capture the essence of this heartwarming tale. Unlock the magic of self-expression and storytelling in our grand showcase.
Get ready for an ogre-sized adventure in the world of Shrek! Join Shrek, Donkey, and Fiona on a journey filled with humor, heart, and memorable songs.
Dive under the sea in our Little Mermaid camp for ages 6-11. Explore the depths of the ocean with Ariel, sing beautiful melodies, and dance among colorful marine life. 

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