Mission Statement
The mission of Stage Door Theatre is to engage, inspire, educate, and entertain the community through the production of quality, professional theatre.
Vision Statement
The vision of Stage Door Theatre is to be respected and recognized for artistic excellence.
We invite artists and audiences to an intimate theatre to engage with performances that broaden and deepen their connection to our collective narrative.
We challenge ourselves to ensure that qualified, diverse plays, playwrights, performers, technicians, and staff represent the community we serve.
Guiding Principles

Professional:  Provide a seamless, high-quality theatrical experience.

Engage:  Draw the audience into the story, present characters they can connect to, and inspire them to consider the theme in a larger context.

Entertain: Ensure each production is an opportunity to experience creative and exciting theatre.

Inclusive: Invite and encourage everyone in our community to participate in the thrill of live theatre.

Strategic Plan

Our Stage – Increase our connections with neighborhoods far and near.
Our Community – Provide theatre lovers with a complete and entertaining experience.
Our Vision – Build an active audience.


Increase our connections with neighborhoods far and near.
  • Diversity of artists and audiences
  • Visibility within the Community
  • Increase number of community programs offered
  • Board governance metrics
Build an active audience.
  • Employ feedback surveys for subscribers and patrons
  • Remove administrative barriers for AD interactions with patrons
  • Bring more of the production theme into the lobby
Provide theatre lovers with a complete and entertaining experience.
  • Professional actors and production team
  • Smooth process from marketing through final curtain
  • Improved marketing visibility
  • Theatre staff has required resources
Become better known.
  • Increase digital presence
  • Expand our marketing/PR that highlights SDP as a destination for affordable entertainment
  • Increase community presence
Inform our community.
  • Develop a “how a play is produced” program
  • Introduce Children’s Programming
  • Partner with DHS on an intern program
  • Expose audiences to new ideas
Expand program offerings.
  • Plan for 2020 – highlight current efforts and position for future growth
  • Increase usage percentage of current facility
  • Recruit multi-year corporation sponsors
  • Fill out Board Seat Membership (18)

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