Kids: Ages 7-10

Jr Actors
Fundamentals of Acting
Coming Fall 2024
In this class we will build our understanding of theatre with movement, voice, improv, scene study, and more with a performance for friends and family at semester’s end.
Jr Company
Practicing Performance Skills
Fall 2024
Participants will be cast in, rehearse, and work on their very own production of “Alice in Wonderland” a musical, with performances on our mainstage.
Improv for Kids
Just Plain Fun!
Fall 2024
A fun journey that boosts confidence and communication, ending in a family-friendly laughter-filled showcase.
Musical Theatre
Become a
Not Available Spring 2024
Explore song, dance, and drama, build confidence and performance abilities, culminating in a on-stage showcase.

Tweens: Ages 11-13

Stage Combat
Unarmed, Basics and Safety
Not Available
Students learn the basics, create unarmed fight scenes, and develop coordination, creativity, and teamwork in a fun, safe setting.
Musical Theatre
All Skill Levels
Fall 2024
Fuel your child’s love for musical theatre and cheer them on in the end showcase.

Teens: Ages 13-17

Sr Company
Advanced Acting
Fall 2024
Students are cast in, rehearse and work on “Alice in Wonderland” with performances on the mainstage. An inclusive and growth-focused setting led by industry professionals.
Tech Crew
Alice in Wonderland
Apr 22 - May 12
Learn backstage technical skills such as stage management, lighting, and costuming, while working on the Summer Youth production of “Alice in Wonderland”


College Audition Prep
Fall 2024
Students prepare an audition package with monologues and songs while learning audition etiquette and self-care.

Adults: 17+

Adult Improv
All Skill Levels
Fall 2024
Improve quick thinking and confidence with interactive exercises in a fun, supportive setting, and unleash your creativity under expert guidance.

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