The Mad Hatterpillar and Her Many Heads

A World Premiere Puppet Musical
Written & Directed by Rachel Frawley
Music by Sarah Beth Hester
Jan 26-Feb 11*, 2024
Fri & Sat at 7:00pm; Sun at 2:30pm
*Sensory-friendly performance Feb 11
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A caterpillar has many legs but this caterpillar has many heads! Introducing Maddie the Mad Hatterpillar, a caterpillar who discovers she isn’t like all the other caterpillars and that’s a good thing. Maddie’s journey to become a butterfly takes an unexpected turn through the garden when the Gardener starts threatening to spray pesticide (gulp)! Will Maddie save her friends? Will she ever become a butterfly?

Family friendly and suitable for younger audiences,

Runtime: approximately 80 minutes

The Mad Hatterpillar and Her Many Heads is a puppet-centric children’s musical, following the journey of Maddie, a caterpillar determined to become a butterfly and escape her mundane garden walls. Like her real life counterpart, she sheds her heads at each new stage of life, stacking the molted heads upon her new one. Each of these heads symbolizes a stage of Maddie’s growth into self-acceptance.

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